A&A Art Display

A&A Art Display

Last Updated: 29 Mar 2016
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Works on show at A&A Art Display this Autumn and Winter.

Leon Holmes
In Shadow Creek | $11,000
Oil on canvas, 1800x700mm

Artist | Leon Holmes is an Australian oil painter who spends the majority of his
time painting outdoors to gain research for his larger studio works. Leon is globally recognised for his work and is a respected presenter on the subject of oil painting, locally and internationally.
Artwork | In Shadow Creek is a large painting depicting a typical Australian rural scene. The work was composed from a number of smaller studies and drawings done on site, with a little artistic licence from the artist to create this very moody piece that's full of movement.

Kerri Blades
Staying afloat | $1800
Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas,

Artist | Kerri Blades is a mixed-media artist, working predominantly with acrylic
paint. Her works often have a collage element to them, and little stories or words incorporated within the images. Having trained as a printmaker, she includes stencilling and the use of stamps in her work, which contributes to the detail found within the finished product.
Artwork | In this artwork, the paper boats represent fragility and vulnerability. The
whale is a symbol of hope and support in the surrounding uncertainty, reflected by the darkness of night and deep blue waters. Although we can't always control what life throws at us, we can control how we react. Sometimes it's best to just let the winds and tides push you along to wherever you are meant to be.

Peter Ryan
Sweet and Sour | $1400
Oil on canvas, 460x610mm

Artist | Peter Ryan is a Western Australian contemporary painter with a very distinctive style, and use of a vivid colour palette. With a background in animation, he incorporates his passion for storytelling into his artwork.
Artwork | Sweet and Sour is from Peter's Fruit Tree series, which follows the romantic adventure of two lovers. Each painting of the series develops their partnership in the new landscape, and evokes new feelings. Just as fruit trees are seasonal, the couple's relationship will begin, grow together and then come to an end.

Vladimir Kush
Box with a secret | $2400
Bronze sculpture

Artist | Vladimir Kush began his art training at the age of seven. In 1987, he began to take part in various exhibitions, which took him to Germany, Los Angeles, France and Hong Kong. In 2001, Kush opened the first of his four galleries, and in 2011 won the first prize in painting at the Artistes du Monde International Exhibition in Cannes.
Artwork | To reflect the world in the mirror of the metaphor —­ this is the goal of the artist, with his paintings, sculptures and jewellery. Box with a secret is part of a series, which reflects on the mysteries of intimate relationships.

Johanna Morgan Richardson
Katya | $1500
Acrylic wash and ink on canvas, 750x1000mm

Artist | Johanna Morgan Richardson is a West Australian visual artist based in Perth. Her signature pieces are created with expressive use of black ink, where she layers lines over one another, building the intensity, then finally combines a splash of acrylic to complete the process. Johanna's work has been displayed
in public exhibitions, she has toured regional Western Australia, and was also exhibited in Tokyo's Ueno Royal Museum.
Artwork | In this artwork, cold air creeps under her clothes, spreading across her skin like a lacy tide on a winter beach, sinking down to her very bones. With gently chattering teeth, Katya tugs her collar in and wraps her coat around her tighter.

Noemi Safir Dolev
Invasive Eyes | $14,800
Acrylic on canvas, 1400x1700mm

Artist | Noemi (Nomi) Safir Dolev was born in 1971 in Montevideo, Uruguay. She lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel, and holds exhibitions in different countries worldwide. Noemi's current style is colourful, modern, abstract with a touch of pop art, using acrylic paints on canvas.
Artwork | After walking around and taking photos, Noemi makes small sketches. The photos and sketches would be translated onto large canvases. Her aim is that her passion and vision will touch people's hearts. Noemi is fascinated about the way that the viewer moves into a place of speculation, revealing imagery and emotion, and how the painting tells a private and intimate story to each beholder – invasive eyes.

Andrew O'Brien
Third Flood | $14,500
Oil on canvas, 1850x1850mm

Artist | Andrew O'Brien is a Melbourne- based abstract expressionist who gained
fame through numerous publications and his appearance in Channel 9 show The Block. Andrew applies multiple layers of highly pigmented paints on large canvases, creating intense, textural large-scale paintings with an incredible depth of colour.
Artwork | Crafted in the alchemy of oil painting, the use of raw pigment, oils and suspensions that are centuries-old gives this work a certain radiance.


A&A Art Display
Representing more than 20 well-known and emerging artists, A&A Art Display carries an exquisite collection that is set to inspire and impress. Complementing the two Perth showrooms are A&A Art Display's mobile art shows in select locations.

88 Hay Street, Subiaco; 5/1 Leura Avenue, Claremont (at Claremont Art Framers)
0466 272 852, www.artdisplay-perth.com, contact@artdisplay-perth.com

Andrew O'Brien, Leon Holmes, Peter Ryan, Noemi Safir Dolev, Kerri Blades, Johanna Morgan Richardson

Flood featuring Andrew O'Brien at Claremont Art Framers, until April 30
World of Love featuring Peter Ryan & Vladimir Kush, May 6-26
Faces featuring Noemi Safir Dolev, Kerri Blades, Johanna Morgan Richardson, June 3-26,
Outback featuring Leon Holmes, July 22-August 1


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