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Last Updated: 17 Dec 2014
Lily Yeang

It might be heating up outside but it’s positively sizzling inside WA galleries, with summer exhibitions including the likes of Neil Turner, Larry Mitchell and Waldemar Kolbusz.

Calypso by Ian Mutch. Aerosol, acrylic and ink on timber board, 95x102cm.


Ian Mutch uses wild brushstrokes, spray paint and layers of detailed ink illustrations to portray vivid landscapes, travel, nature, stories and characters. Maker + Co, The Art Label Online Art Gallery, ongoing.


Waldemar Kolbusz has been consistently exhibiting since 1998 in WA and the Eastern States where
he has a reputation for exuberant abstract colourist works. Using a combination of rich colours and impasto texture, the artist creates abstract and sublimely atmospheric works that speak fluently to the senses. Special Focus, Gunyulgup Galleries, ongoing.

Latch by Waldemar Kolbusz. Oil on linen, 112x152cm.

Magnolia Window II by Suey Mcennally. Oil pastel on paper, 135x125cm.


Suey McEnnally has lived and worked in different Australian landscapes, and uses them for inspiration. Mastering oil pastel, she builds up layers and delineates space to create a sense of energy across the surface. Studio Gallery Christmas Exhibition, The Studio Gallery, December 27-January 11.


WA artist Ken Rasmussen has gained a reputation for his drawing, watercolour and oil painting skills, which make him one of the leading realist-impressionist painters working in WA today. Yallingup Galleries, ongoing.

Golden Dawn by Ken Rasmussen. Oil on canvas, 122x150cm.

The space between love and happiness by David Giles. Acrylic on canvas, 120x100cm.


His latest collection of works, painted while listening to Bollywood music, references the euphoria of falling in love, and the risk it involves – the danger of falling down the rabbit hole, going too far over the rainbow, or not getting back in one piece. So It Came To This, David Giles Art Gallery, ongoing.


Perth-based artist Joanne Duffy uses sweeping brush marks and intense colour to create a sense of movement, evoking glimpses of the natural landscape. Her summer collection reflects the ever-changing mood of the ocean., ongoing.

Coastal Fringe by Joanne Duffy. Oil on linen, 92x92cm.

The Meeting by Shirley Clancy. Acrylic on canvas, 53x53cm.


WA artist Shirley Clancy uses images (both real and imagined) of people, animals, birds, water, boats, eggs and trees, as metaphors. Through clear and magical realism, she explores the themes of love, hate and fear. See works by her and fellow artist Amanda Shelsher at Margaret River Gallery this summer. New works by Amanda Shelsher and Shirley Clancy, Margaret River Gallery, February 14-March 7.


Catherine Christie has been producing large bespoke works for more than 20 years. "My works are emotive and speak largely to the soul or the universal heart and not the intellect," she says. "The aim of my work is to inspire and leave the observer with a feeling rather than a thought." Heaven and Earth, Aube Nouvelle, December 1-January 15.

High Tide by Catherine Christie. Oil on canvas, 130x130cm.

Lagoon Post Office by Larry Mitchell. Oil on canvas, 244x92cm.


Self-taught artist Larry Mitchell travels to remote places under threat from global warming. His ability to create beautiful realistic paintings is shown in his latest collection, which almost compels the viewer to "dive in". Oceans, Insights and Passions, Jahroc Galleries, Leeuwin Weekend March 6-10.


This husband-and-wife duo uses dog-human hybrids to celebrate the spiritual relationship between man and beast. Kiss Me, Linton & Kay Galleries, Perth City, February 17-March 3.

He planned to take her to the lookout, and then kiss her by Gillie and Marc
Schattner. Acrylic on canvas, 90x120cm.

Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters) by Vicki Cullinan. Acrylic on canvas, 152x101cm.


Self-taught painter Vicki Cullinan was born in 1970 and has been painting for 20 years. Her work is immaculately executed, with extreme attention to detail apparent in brushstrokes and mark making. Her works result in striking and powerful representations
of night skies and desert plains dotted with tali (sandhills). ART + OBJECTS, Artija Fine Art, December 6- January 18.


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