Designs by Perth Builders

Designs by Perth Builders

Last Updated: 03 Nov 2015
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Perth Builders is a respected boutique builder that applies a high level of detail in all its projects, whether large-scale commercial complexes or suburban abodes.

As a third-generation builder, Perth Builders owner Sergio Lucia has lived and breathed construction for as long as he can remember. The Italian-born builder proved he was a natural right from an early age, working alongside his father and brother on residential and commercial construction and restorations in the public and private sectors. He then spent more than twelve years at the family firm, where he enjoyed his role as builder and CEO before migrating to Australia.

In 2009, Perth Builders was formed, built by Sergio from scratch, with no prior connections to the Perth building industry. Despite the company's relative youth, Perth Builders has received a number of recognitions from prestigious industry groups and institutions, including a recent commendation at the 2015 WA Architecture Awards.

Perth Builders has grown to become one of the state's leading providers of commercial and residential construction. In the next year, the company is launching two additional brands – Perth Heritage Builders and Perth Residential Homes. The introduction of these two brands will guarantee a more specialised service to the commercial, residential and heritage restoration sectors.

Moving forward, Sergio says the development of innovative new water- and energy-conservation methods will be one of the greatest challenges for the industry. This is why Perth Builders implements sustainable practices in all its projects, to balance resource-efficient design and quality of life for residents. Sergio says Perth Builders has embraced and promoted this clear message for a sustainable future, and will work towards creating synergies with state government development agencies, designers, and other industry professionals who support similar views.

While such efforts stand as one of its primary points of focus, Perth Builders is active in a variety of other areas as well. A deep knowledge of heritage conservation enables the business to deliver restoration and readaptation works for historical buildings, creating new homes from buildings that have remained unused for years. Also, such projects are usually achieved with a significantly lower carbon footprint than construction of new buildings would require.

The company was recently awarded the contract to build Landcorp's exciting Generation Y demonstration housing project in White Gum Valley, Fremantle designed by Architect David Barr, and the contract to construct Knutsford Stage 2 project designed by Architect Michael Patroni, which includes the building of 36 sustainable and adaptable single houses, townhouses, and apartments.


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