Fashion Nails by Diverse Shopfitters

Fashion Nails by Diverse Shopfitters

Last Updated: 25 Aug 2014
Localista Team

Fashion Nails at Lakeside Joondalup provides an oasis for busy shoppers who need a little pampering.

Designed by the talented team at Work. Shop. Dine, and constructed by Diverse Shopfitters, Fashion Nails in Joondalup features an array of graphic panels and textures to create a feeling of refined sophistication.

From the marble feature wall on entry to the detailed arches and window treatments, the exterior has a unique look that captures the imagination of passing shoppers. Once inside, the bold, contrasting black and white tiles, full-height columns, rich wallpapers, and ornate mirrors and fittings combine in a perfect blend of old and new. Far from being stark, the glossy white surfaces are warmly lit, giving the space an inviting glow.

Areas are subtly defined with contrasting dark and light feature panelling, while floor-to-ceiling murals in monochrome at either end of the store give further visual clues.

Chandeliers and the subtle detail in the counters frame and complete the look, while carefully placed planters and vases provide a splash of colour. The quality of the joinery throughout is superb, in keeping with the overall effect of refined elegance.


CONSTRUCTION | Diverse Shopfitters
DESIGNER | Work. Shop. Dine
FEATURES | Graphic panels and textures, full-height columns, rich wallpapers, ornate mirrors, chandeliers, monochrome murals.
LOCATION | Lakeside Joondalup

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