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Last Updated: 04 Mar 2015
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Known for her her boho style, who better than the Perth fashion blogger Naomi Miles to give us shopping tips?

For The Dreamers

Naomi Miles, the peroxide-blonde blogger from For The Dreamers, has
a legion of Insta-fans for her boho style, and a knack for pairing unexpected items together in a way that just works. So who better than the Perth fashion blogger to give us shopping tips?

How would you describe your style?
Bohemian, unique, edgy

What are the items on your autumn wish list?
• A good pair of skinny-leg ripped jeans
• A burgundy hat
• Studded boots
• A basic holey white tee

If you had a limitless budget, where would you go to splurge?
Sara Fox & Co

What does the Perth shopping scene need more of?
More bohemian!

Best shop in Perth for:
• Casual clothes – Turquoise Lane, Billie & Rose, Lexi & Roy
• Cocktail dresses – Sara Fox & Co, Coco and Lola
• Jewellery – All of the above!
• Homewares – Empire Highgate

Any local designers you're loving right now?
Loving the swimwear from Rue Stiic!


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