Ukulele-playing teens and other good deeds to warm the heart

Ukulele-playing teens and other good deeds to warm the heart

Last Updated: 14 Apr 2020
Charli Peasley

When it comes to COVID-19, it’s pretty much all bad news. So, we have been on the hunt for individuals doing their best to spread the love. Here are our favourite Coronavirus good news stories from this week:

Ukulele teen performs for age care residents

15-year-old Maia Bogunovich set up shop with her ukulele and a microphone outside the locked down Regis Nedlands (home to her family friend of 8 years) and sang to her as well as the other residents as they sat out on their balconies. The age care facility is more than two weeks into lockdown, meaning that the residents haven’t been able to see any visitors for quite some time.

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#AGoodBeerAlwaysHelps has launched to donate quality craft beers to our essential workers

Inspired by the #OneOnUs campaign shouting UK hospital workers beers, #AGoodBeerAlwaysHelps was launched to encourage the public to donate a 4 pack to essential workers. This includes our healthcare workers, police, fireys, aged care workers, teachers and supermarket workers. Plus, with WA’s brewery of choice being Freo’s own The Otherside Brewing Co., generosity never tasted so good.

Read more or donate HERE

Helping your neighbours

A young Nedlands man lent a helping hand to his elderly neighbours, despite barely knowing them before the days of social isolation. 24-year-old Harry noticed his elderly neighbours hadn’t been leaving the house much and wondered if they needed some groceries or a good chat, so he decided to write them a letter. This small act of kindness blossomed into an unlikely friendship between Harry and his neighbours, with the trio now regularly texting to check in on one another and Harry delivering their groceries.

It seems like a little thing, but if every street has a few Harry’s looking out for their neighbours, then everyone gets looked after.

Free coffee for frontline workers

By now you’ve likely already heard about Fuelling the Frontline, a gofundme style donation campaign to shout our medical workers a coffee. But some cafes have gone one step further, with Padburys Restaurant in Guildford giving out a free coffee and meal to frontline workers and The Coffee Club giving out free coffees. It won’t stop the madness, but it’s nice to know they’ll have an endless caffeine supply to keep them alert and ready!

Donate to Fuelling the Frontline HERE

School teachers helping lost parents with homeschooling

 Teachers around the state are offering up their help to parents forced into homeschooling their children. As schools around the country close and more children are being home or remotely schooled, these parents have been thrown in the deep end as the world expects them to carry on their kids' education. This is particularly daunting for parents trying to keep young children focused and excited about learning.

Luckily, the caring souls of teachers have shone through in our time of need, with community Facebook groups flooding with offers of help.


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