Furniture by Timbacraft Furniture

Furniture by Timbacraft Furniture

Last Updated: 25 Aug 2014
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Using techniques and skills practised for three generations, this father-and-son team creates only the finest, hand-crafted timber furniture.

The art of creating quality, bespoke timber furniture is one that has been passed on through three generations at Timbacraft.

Business owner Vince Iozzi established the company in 1994, and now runs it with
his son. He has invested considerable amounts of time perfecting and maintaining many of the traditional furniture-making skills that were imparted to him by his ancestors, and is now concentrating on teaching his son the very same competencies that he was taught by his predecessors in Italy.

These well-honed abilities, along with superb customer service, ensure that clients
of Timbacraft receive the finest handmade furniture or fitouts, with detailed project management from start to finish.

From boardroom or dining tables, to reception desks or restaurant bars, there is
no limit to what Timbacraft can custom-design and create for you. The result will be individual pieces that will project quality and sophistication throughout your business.

The boardroom table pictured here was crafted using quilted maple veneer for the centrepiece, bordered with short grain anegre. Fine, hand-cut black inlay is used to separate these two timbers, highlighting the join as a feature rather than concealing it. Underneath, an impressive arc of timber supports the table while the two cylindrical 'feet' give the impression of the table being on rollers.


Timbacraft Furniture
77 Guthrie Street, Osborne Park
Phone (08) 9446 4299

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