Halloween Survival Guide

Halloween Survival Guide

Last Updated: 14 Jul 2014
Localista Team

As the hordes of mini ghouls and zombies descend on your neighbourhood, you’d best be prepared to avoid any nightmares…

Like it or not, this overseas-born tradition has hit our shores and the kids are lapping it up like vampires in a blood donor centre. As the hordes of mini ghouls and zombies (whatever happened to the simple witch?) descend on your neighbourhood, you'd best be prepared to avoid any nightmares…

  • Stock up on treats Individually wrapped chocolates or lollies are best – they're more hygienic and won't stick together. Healthy options are advisable, but the kids won't refer to your abode as 'the good house'.
  • Decorate the front of your house if you welcome trick-or-treaters Carve a pumpkin, hang some plastic skeletons, or perhaps play some eerie music. When it comes to Halloween, there's no such thing as going overboard.
  • Dress up! Whether you're staying home or knocking on doors with your kids, playing dress-ups is always fun. It can be as simple as throwing an old white sheet over your head.
  • Don't ever offer or accept homemade treats Think food poisoning, allergies, choking on a foreign object that fell in the mix... you get the idea. Lawsuit.
  • Stock up on baby wipes These things are the best for cleaning the makeup off your little monsters, and wiping down sticky hands.


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