Holmes a Court Gallery

Holmes a Court Gallery

Last Updated: 29 Mar 2016
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Artworks and exhibitions at Holme a Court Gallery this Autumn and Winter.

Monique Tippett
Convergence, 2013 | NFS
Jarrah, synthetic polymer, gold leaf and lacquers on board, 120x240cm

Artist | Monique's art is inspired by the forested environment she lives in. Its moods are her muse.
Artwork | Convergence encapsulates the gentle curves and segments of large circumferences, shapes, and worlds that go beyond our field of view, hinting at something greater than us.

Rachel Coad
George, 2015 | $12,500
Oil on linen, 185x154cm

Artist | Rachel Coad was raised in rural Western Australia. Her painting practice spans 15 years. She has exhibited in Perth, Melbourne and London.
Artwork | This painting is from Rachel's most recent series, which depicts moments in the lives of rural Australians in the post-war era.

Rachel Coad
Harrier Jump Jet, 2012 | NFS
Oil on linen, 164x392cm

Artwork | Rachel's painting, generally figurative work in oil on linen, has been described as technically and conceptually astute. This jet was part of an exhibition called Frontier 2012. Rachel has a fascination with these machines. She used to draw them as a child with blue pen on lined paper.

Rachel Coad
Conversation, 2001 | NFS
Acrylic on canvas, 101x178cm

Artwork | Rachel has been shortlisted for several awards. Her painting is recognised for its distinct, emotive style. Conversation is one of her very first paintings, made while she was a newspaper artist in 2001. Her early paintings were in acrylics, until her transition to oils around 2005.


Holmes à Court Gallery at Vasse Felix displays works from the Janet Holmes à Court Collection, as well as works of invited artists, and has an artist-in-residence exhibition each year.

Corner of Tom Cullity Drive and Caves Road, Cowaramup (08) 9756 5000

Rachel Coad – RETROspective: artist-in-residence exhibition May 29-September 18
This exhibition includes paintings and drawings from the artist's earliest work to
her very latest pieces. Rachel will be in residence on the studio floor in the gallery
from Tuesday to Sunday, from August 7-28

Custodians: recent acquisitions that reference the land Until May 22


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