It Is Easy Being Green

It Is Easy Being Green

Last Updated: 06 Oct 2014
Localista Team

Like the idea of getting your weekly dose of fresh produce without having to elbow your way through the farmers market?

These four West Australian delivery services bring local fruit, vegies and products straight to your door.

Why we love them The Lettuce Shop delivers fresh produce, handpicked daily
from the Canning Vale markets, as well as a selection of gourmet products.
Bonus Along with home delivery services, The Lettuce Shop offers a corporate delivery option. Each Monday and Wednesday, the company delivers fruit, coffee and milk to offices in the CBD and surrounding areas.
Cost from $35
Frequency Weekly

Why we love them The Local Grocer lets you choose the organic fruit and veg for your grocery box. For those who like surprises, however, there are handy ready-made boxes.
Bonus If you're keen to avoid delivery fees, you can save a bundle by collecting your order from your local community food hub.
Cost from $35
Frequency Weekly

Why we love them These guys source organic produce from Perth wholesale markets, local farms and the Organic Collective's own backyard.
Bonus All their fruit and vegetable scraps are given to Murdoch University Environmental Technology Centre to be used in composting, worm farm
displays and demonstration models.
Cost from $30
Frequency Weekly or fortnightly

Why we love them Urban Locavore champions local producers with monthly tasting boxes featuring a handful of WA's best products, ranging from cheeses and chutneys to mushrooms and macaroons.
Bonus If you're not keen on something in a particular month's box, you have the option of swapping for other products on the site.
Cost from $50
Frequency Monthly


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