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Last Updated: 29 Mar 2016
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Artworks on show at Jahroc Galleries this season.

Yolande Barker
Finding Home 1 | POA
Oil on canvas, 122x91cm

Artist | Yolande Barker paints detailed and colourful abstracted figurative paintings and is constantly inspired by vibrant colours and interesting patterns in her environment.
Artwork | She is on a journey to find a secure, safe place to put down roots, a place to call home.

Rowena Keall Walsh
Wetlands Study | POA
Oil on canvas, 74x40cm

Artist | Rowena Keall Walsh is deeply passionate about the relationship between communities and their ever-changing environments.
Artwork | Wetlands Study explores form and light in the landscape, asking the viewer to reconnect with their natural environment.

Judy Prosser
Women's Dance 3 | POA
Acrylic on canvas, 150x105cm

Artist | Australian artist Judy Prosser works from her studio at Udialla, an outback station in the heart of the Kimberley.
Artwork | Judy has a great respect for the Aboriginal people and their spiritual connection to the land. Here, the women dance with abandon in front of a brilliantly coloured Kimberley sky.

Andrew Tischler
Egret, The Kimberley WA | POA
Oil on Belgian linen, 77x107cm

Artist | Australian artist Andrew Tischler enjoys a thriving art career in his chosen field of realism painting, capturing the magnificence of some of the world's most harsh, beautiful and imposing landscapes, wildlife and people.
Artwork | The Egret is captured on Belgian linen with handmade paint and pure pigments.

Bec Juniper
By Association | POA
Mixed media on canvas

Artist | "These paintings are imaginary landscapes. I work on the horizontal with a free-forming experimentation; every step is a response to the previous layer of events. In this way, I locate myself outside of idea-based decision making, where I respond element by element and moment by moment. In this current series, I continue to imagine realism in this sense. My evolution as a landscape painter is more and more about removing the heavy presence of the human hand."
Artwork | By Association is a collective depicting the artist's response to the Australian landscape through instinctual exploration techniques, employing a range of raw and natural media.

Gary Bennett and David Paris
In Motion Desk | $16,000
Jarrah crotch wood oil finish, 2300x990x740mm

Artist | Gary Bennett and David Paris have been designing fine furniture for nearly 30 years, focusing now on individual designs from feature southwest timbers, finishing with state-of-the-art natural oils.
Artwork | Nature provided a uniquely shaped piece of jarrah crotch wood, which led the way for this light and organically shaped bespoke writing table.

Helen Norton
The Looking Glasses | POA
Acrylic on canvas, 304x122cm

Artist | Highly acclaimed WA artist Helen Norton has recently made a shift from her recognisable narrative style to stripping it all down and painting from a place of inner comfort.
Artwork | This new abstract work by Norton is painted with sensual simplicity and aims to make the viewer feel good.


JAHROC GALLERIES exhibit a diverse collection of contemporary Australian art, jewellery, sculpture, art glass and fine wood, and are home to award-winning fine furniture designer/makers JAHROC FURNITURE. The crossing of genres is showcased in Jahroc's expansive galleries, allowing the viewer to visualise how pieces could look in their own home.

83 Bussell Highway, Margaret River
(08) 9758 7200, www.jahroc.com.au

Autumn At Jahroc – New Furniture Designs and Paintings Ongoing
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