Gory and grisly, the ghost of the Jigsaw killer comes back to cinemas just in time for Halloween

Last Updated: 02 Nov 2017
Tian Sisak
The eighth installment of the American horror franchise Saw returns to our screens with a twist.
A decade after the death of the Jigsaw serial killer, bodies are once again cropping up around the city, each one with a more sickening end than the last.

Directed by Australian brothers Michael and Peter Spierig, Jigsaw opens with the police pursuing criminal Edgar Munsen (Josiah Black) on a rooftop. Edgar activates a triggering mechanism he has been holding, and  the games begin for the first time since Jigsaw (aka John Kramer) died ten years ago. If you're familiar with the previous Saw movies, there will be no surprises that things get gruesome rather quickly from here on in.

Unbeknownst to the police, five people are being held captive in an abandoned barn, each constrained to a metal noose around their neck with a chain leading them to a wall of moving saws. Like the previous Saw installments, the unwilling competitors in Jigsaw’s game must confess their crimes, or face being punished by the cruel traps that lie in wait.

Meanwhile, police investigate the potential return of the infamous serial killer, after finding dead bodies marked with jigsaw pieces throughout the city; an unsettling gesture from Jigsaw to signify their failure in passing his sick game. But will they find all the clues in time?

Jigsaw is a must-see this Halloween season. Although slightly less sadistic than previous Saw movies, the endless amounts of blood explosions won’t disappoint fans of the longstanding horror franchise. Stomach churning groans echoed throughout the cinema on the opening night, which can only be seen as a positive response for those seeking a gory watch this Halloween.

Jigsaw is on general release now.


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