Kitchen Designs by EcoCabinets

Kitchen Designs by EcoCabinets

Last Updated: 09 Jun 2014
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EcoCabinets can show you how to achieve a kitchen that exudes cutting-edge style at no harm to the environment or your family.

A new kitchen or bathroom doesn't mean you need to expose your family to toxic fumes for weeks, months, or even years to come.

EcoCabinets specialises in using low/zero emission boards, and water-based paints, glues and sealants, along with recycled timbers, benchtops and more to create designer spaces that won't harm your family's health.

The award-winning company delivers high-quality, custom-made designs with an emphasis on 'green' cabinetry. Its professional industrial designer has more than 14 years of experience and has been involved in the cabinet-making industry for more than five. Through optional project management, EcoCabinets will ensure the disruption to you and your family is kept to an absolute minimum, so you can enjoy your new kitchen as soon as possible.


EcoCabinets designer Philippe Signer collaborates with leading cabinet makers to create zero-emission, eco-friendly kitchens that do not compromise on style or quality in any way or form.

The clever use of E0 (emission zero rating) boards, including the carcasses, along with water-based lacquers, glues and sealants, certify this kitchen to be as environmentally and family-friendly as possible.

Exclusive, high-quality design incorporates fine materials such as Caesarstone benchtops and rich ebony veneer finishes to the cabinetry.

The somewhat compact space is considerably visually expanded by mirrored splashbacks along the rear wall, while retractable cabinetry doors maintain clean lines and a clutter-free area.

A subtle industrial slant to this design is skilfully achieved through a laundry-trough style sink, pendulum lights that mimic a warehouse feel, and a generously sized commercial oven and hob.

Through form and function, combined with eco-friendly materials, this kitchen demonstrates that achieving a safe yet practical environment can be done easily, without compromising on style.


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