Kitchen Products by Sub-Zero

Kitchen Products by Sub-Zero

Last Updated: 09 Jun 2014
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Using technology sourced from NASA, the refrigeration products from Sub-Zero are at the cutting edge of performance and design.

The new integrated refrigeration products from Sub-Zero show all the innovative thinking that has made the company an industry leader for almost seven decades.

For three generations, the family-owned company's expertise has been focused on the science of keeping things fresh, constantly refining its products to include technological advancements such as dual refrigeration and air-purification systems pioneered by NASA.

Dual refrigeration ensures food is preserved for longer, using separate, sealed systems for the refrigerator and the freezer. Incorporating magnetic seals on all four sides of the doors not only maintains optimum storage conditions but
also saves energy.

The patented air purification system, meanwhile, retards the growth of mould, bacteria and viruses and reduces the creation of the naturally produced ethylene gas that hastens spoilage.

Crisper drawers form a 'fridge within a fridge', with still lower temperatures and higher humidity to preserve freshness longer, while a new touch-screen feature ensures easy and precise temperature control.

Available in three widths, Sub-Zero columns and tall units range from a slim 610mm to a spacious 914mm, and include internal dispensers for filtered, chilled water, and an overdrive option for the icemaker to increase ice production by up to 30 per cent – perfect for catering to parties.


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