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Last Updated: 07 Apr 2014
Karen Bilsby

When it comes to community, Mt Lawley has one of the most inclusive and welcome around, filled with cool bars, shops and cafes.


"I love catching up for breakfast with my best friend, Gloria, at Cantina 663 on Beaufort Street. We always order the same thing – scrambled eggs with a coffee to start, and a coffee to finish. Working from a home studio, I get a bit cabin-fever-ish, so it's easy to step out and grab a coffee. It's great to have somewhere close where you can get everything done. There isn't anywhere really like Mt Lawley! I love Department now that it's had its makeover – so many bright beautiful things! I go to Mariposa to stock up on BECCA Cosmetics. These three places are my favourite for the staff and great service. Planet Books has become an almost weekly haunt – they have the best collection of fashion books in Perth. I also stockpile gift cards for emergencies, so Ware is my go-to card shop. They have beautiful Christian Lacroix cards, which I keep for myself! By the way, does anyone know what's going into the old Planet Video store? I can't take the suspense anymore!"

Jason Cleary, station manager, RTRFM 92.1 – The Sound Alternative.


"At noon, the station clicks over to our music program, Out To Lunch. Not long after that hits the air, I am usually ducking out to get a bite to eat from Lawley's or Yuzu Kaiten Sushi. Mt Lawley is blessed with an array of eateries, and I usually have meetings over food and coffee at Cantina 663 or Daily Planet. Bossman is a great new little coffee shop. Shopping is not one of my strong points, but my staff members often point me directly to Ware or Kartique. Managing a radio station, I still love to hunt for records and books, so I spend plenty of time in Planet Books and Planet Music, and then the local newsagent for a quick chat and my favourite music magazines. Of course, if my seven-year-old son had his way, we would just stay in the Planet toilet, looking at their amazing comic-book wallpaper for hours! I would like people to remember that places like Mt Lawley create the atmosphere that reflects what your city becomes. Hubs that foster local creative talent are paramount to a city being an interesting and exciting place, so support venues and small businesses that offer something different. This is what makes Mt Lawley what it is and what we want it to continue to be."

Nick Sheppard, owner of Elroy Clothing.


"If I'm not working at Elroy, I will be doing one or more of the following: buying records at Planet, sneakers at HAL, coffee at Cantina 663, katsu curry from Tanpopo, or getting my hair cut at Uncle Joes 6050 (conveniently situated in Elroy Clothing!). My lunch is nearly always from Tanpopo or Grill'd. I spend a lot of time DJing at The Brisbane, a great pub with really good food. Luckily, my mates' shops are also my favourites! Highs and Lows and Planet pretty much look after shoes and vinyl, which is all I really buy. Billie and Rose, Store, Ware, Mariposa and Department take care of the rest of my lot. The Astor is one of the best concert venues I have ever been to anywhere in the world, and the view down Beaufort Street from the Defectors balcony (upstairs at The Flying Scotsman) on a summer evening is fantastic. Mt Lawley has been my neighbourhood since I moved to Perth, so I kind of do everything here. I walk the dogs every morning by the river, which is a great start to the day. I guess my favourite thing is to hang out in the shop, talking to customers who become friends, and working on what I love in a space I love. It's grown into such a diverse and liveable neighbourhood in the 20 years we've lived here."

Laura Moseley, food director of the Beaufort Street Festival.
Photography by Adam Mazur.


"I tend to leave a trail of food photos each evening. There is such an array of cuisines in the area. Evenings start with a few casual drinks, then dinner, a gig, then more drinks. It is always somebody's birthday or a special occasion, and Mt Lawley tends to be the centre of our universe. We often meet friends at The Scotto for a casual bevvy then head?to The Astor to catch a live gig. I'm loving the outdoor cinemas at BamBOO, where you catch a movies whilst tucking into Ace Pizza. El Publico is a favourite. Those guys continue to impress and sometimes shock me, from pig dinners and coffee-flavoured crickets, to spicy ants with beef tongue. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming in Mt Lawley – you walk into a store or a restaurant and are greeted by the owner. That is something pretty special. Mt Lawley just breathes community. With fantastic initiatives by community groups, such as the Beaufort Street Network and our local councils, the area's urban pulse continues to beat louder every year. Working on The Beaufort Street Festival has flung open so many doors for me, and my role as food director has allowed me to connect with local businesses on a deeper level. I get to create foodie events and meet so many friendly new faces.

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