Meet the Quokkas

Last Updated: 29 Aug 2018
Tian Sisak

They’re famous for their friendly nature and shameless selfie smiles, come to Rottnest to catch a glimpse of these adorable little marsupials in one of the very few places you can see them in the world.

Rottnest Island is an A-Class Reserve renowned for its high conservation and community values. The island provides critical habitat for a range of animal species including the world’s most viable population of quokkas. These cute and friendly creatures are very sociable but it is important to remember they are wild animals and all wildlife should not be disturbed, rather observed from a reasonable distance.

Quokkas can be been seen foraging for food around Rottnest without a care in the world. These adorable marsupials are generally nocturnal, sleeping under bushes throughout the day. Tiny joeys can be seen from September to November. Avoid feeding them, as ‘human food’ can make them very sick.

Fun Furry Facts

  • The Quokka is the only mammal which is native to Rottnest Island and can be found almost everywhere on the island.
  • They bound and hop along the ground although they can climb trees if they want to.
  • The island habitat supports the largest known Quokka population and is essential for the survival of species. There are around 10,000-12,000 of them living on Rotto.
  • Quokkas have a short breeding season, which happens in late summer.
  • A baby Quokka is called a Joey.
  • Born around February – April, the joey will stay in the mother’s pouch until August or September.
  • The average Quokka is approximately 40-54 centimetres in length and weighs from 2.7-4.2 kilograms.
  • Their diet consists of tree and shrub buds and leaves, grasses, succulents, seeds and roots.

Top 5 tips on how to capture the perfect quokka selfie:

  1. Get your best smile and camera ready.

  2. Quokkas are friendly little creatures so it is best to just wait nearby and let them venture up to you.

  3. Treat yourself to a selfie stick! It’s important not to touch or pet the trusting quokkas so place your device on a selfie stick and snap away at a respectful distance.

  4. Feeding quokkas can make them very poorly so don’t tempt them with food or water, if they’re not interested in posing with you then let them be. There’s plenty of the little guys around the island so you’re sure to find another friend during your visit.

  5. Once you’ve got your shot, don’t forget to share the love with the rest of the world by tagging your image #quokkaselfie!


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