Mossenson Galleries

Mossenson Galleries

Last Updated: 14 Dec 2015
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What's on at Mossenson Galleries this season.

1. Brian Robinson
The Gods of Zenadh Kes | Linocut

Artist | Brian Robinson was born in 1973 and grew up in the idyllic tropical surroundings of the Torres Strait Island. He is a multi-skilled contemporary artist whose practice includes printmaking, painting, sculpture, installation and design. In 2013, he was the winner of the Western Australian Indigenous Art Award.

2. Lucy Ward
Sugarbags | Acrylic on canvas

Artist | Lucy was born in Ngarangarri country that is now part of Beverley Springs Station (central Kimberley). Ngarangarri is the honey dream: ngara minbinya and honey is good tucker. Her dad and grandfather used to paint the Wandjina in the caves, and she used to watch them. For her, painting brings back good
memories of footwalking the country.

3 Ngarra
Ngarrangkarni Changeover Time 1 | Acrylic on paper

Artist | As a young man, Ngarra began a long and successful career as cattleman. During quiet times in the wet season, he would walk the country, attending to ceremonies of life, death and the afterlife: he was the senior lawman for ceremonies throughout a vast swathe of the Kimberley. In his 70s, Ngarra turned to art, developing an electrifying and sophisticated style of painting and drawing, producing works in ochre, acrylic and texta. He boldly combined his unparalleled cultural knowledge with a unique artistic vision.


Founded as Indigenart in 1993, Mossenson Galleries is regarded as one of Australia's leading commercial galleries, specialising in high-quality Indigenous artworks. Mossenson Galleries has become recognised as a trailblazing epicentre for the emerging Indigenous art movement. Mossenson Galleries' innovation and trend-setting has been acknowledged by public institutions, including the National Gallery of Australia, the National Museum of Australia, the National Gallery of Victoria, the Art Gallery of South Australia, and the Art Gallery of Western Australia. Artists from Mossenson Galleries have been included in major institutional exhibitions such as Culture Warriors: The National Triennial of
Indigenous Art (National Gallery of Australia), South By South West (Art Gallery of Western Australia) and Crossing Country (Art Gallery of New South Wales).

115 Hay Street, Subiaco
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Sugarbag Story: Lucy Ward Maria Ware: First Solo Exhibition February 3-27
Ben Ward: First Solo Exhibition March 2-26


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