Outdoor Living by Bauwerk

Outdoor Living by Bauwerk

Last Updated: 18 Nov 2013
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Bauwerk’s natural paints are kind to the environment while producing quality finishes on all types of walls.

Bauwerk was created with a vision to produce exemplary modern lime paint in harmony with nature. Instead of containing toxic petrochemicals, solvents or synthetic colourants that pollute homes, air and water, Bauwerk uses only natural clays, minerals and natural pigments.

You can paint without fumes and headaches and use the rooms the same day, even if you are suffering from asthma or chemical sensitivity.

Naturally, wash up and disposal is safe and non-polluting, and the paints have not
been tested on animals.

Only the best pigments are sourced and used in the creation of these paints, making them suitable for both modern and traditional buildings.

Bauwerk lime paint has been developed specifically for most exterior wall surfaces. It requires no undercoat or sealer, and can be applied immediately to new and old surfaces. Lime paint is perfect for all masonry surfaces, like render, cement and bricks.

It works best when it is absorbed into the wall, leaving a breathable surface that is protected by the natural properties of the paint.

By working with nature, Bauwerk produces paints with truly unique and dynamic depth. The company loves its paint, and believes in, accepts and embraces its natural characteristics.

Check out Bauwerk's new colours and products at www.bauwerk.com.au.


Unit 1/15 Emplacement Crescent, Hamilton Hill
Phone (08) 9433 3860
Email info@bauwerk.com.au
Web www.bauwerk.com.au

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