Painters making waves at Margaret River Region Open Studios this September

Painters making waves at Margaret River Region Open Studios this September

Last Updated: 23 Aug 2022
Kerry Kona

At this year’s Margaret River Region Open Studios, out of over 160 artists opening their doors to the public, there are myriad incredible painters to see. We've selected seven standouts and provided a guide to the more than 90 painters and artists in the region. For an updated schedule of studio opening times, go to the Margaret River Region Open Studios guide online here. See here to book your accommodation and start your art adventure.

Amanda Ogilby - One Moment to Love

Amanda Ogilby

From vases to bookshelves, Amanda Ogilby works with oil paint to create beautiful still-life artworks inspired by her home and commonly overlooked household objects and treasures. Her artwork has been featured across exhibitions in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales, and she was a finalist in the Lethbridge 20000 Salon Small Scale art award with her piece Magnolia with one Green Apple.

You can drop by Amanda's Margaret River studio this September, right on the corner of Nebbiolo Place and Hermitage Drive.

Clare Hamilton - Calm in Turbulent Waters

Clare Hamilton

Clare Hamilton is a self-taught artist from Scotland who enjoys creating artwork with watercolour. Her art is illustrative, combining organic patterns, animals and nature. As a child, her interest in painting was sparked by the works of Scottish architect, designer and watercolourist Charles Rennie Mackintosh. In 2020, she left her career as a planner/project manager to focus on her artwork.

This is Clare’s first season participating in Margaret River Region Open Studios. You can visit her studio in Osmington, just off Jindong- Treeton Rd.

Tanya Cole - Spirit Guided

Tanya Cole

Perth-born contemporary and self-taught artist Tanya Cole is a passionate portrait artist. Tanya’s portraits are painted using oil or acrylic paint, often using vivid colours to capture beautiful facial expression and dynamic movemenr. Tanya has been a contemporary artist since 2011 and has painted famous icons such as Frida Kahlo. Her artwork can be found at Yallingup Galleries and in collections across India, the UK, Canada and more.

Tanya returns for this year's Open Studios after a few years' break. You can view her vibrant paintings at her home studio at Rubia Place in Dunsborough.

Jacqui Brown, 2021

Jacqui Brown

An artist and surfer at heart, Jacqui Brown is no stranger to the sea. Her artworks are vibrant and feature the coastline, and she is inspired by fantasy and mythology. Jacqui not only paints on canvas but old surfboards as well, even painting Redgate Beach on a large 4-metre canvas which took her 3 years to complete. Jacqui has held 2 solo exhibitions titled “Vision of Fantasy” and “Mermaids” during the ‘90s.

This is Jacqui’s second year participating in Margaret River Region Open Studios. You can uncover her magical artwork at her studio on Rainbow Cave Road in Margaret River just look for a mermaid surfboard.

Tanya Brown - Superb Fairy Wrens

Susan Hood

Susan Hood is a self-taught artist who's changed her childhood love for birds into a talent for painting them. When she’s not out camping and observing her feathered friends in their natural habitat, she's making art. In 2019, she won the Mandjar Art Award for her Beau-Rainbow Lorikeet piece. Susan also enjoys rehabilitating injured and orphaned birds back into their natural habitat.

The doors to Susan’s studio are open once again this September. Her studio is located on Bussell Highway in Margaret River opposite the Visitor Centre.

Dorothy Davies - Rhapsody in Blue

Dorothy Davies

Dorothy Davies is a contemporary artist who produces still-life artworks with oil paint, featuring glassware, ceramics, fruits, and flowers in a style that captures a softly stylised realism. She has been an artist for 40 years and has won multiple awards, drawing from experience as an artist and designer, having studied a Bachelor of Arts at Curtin University.

Dorothy opens the doors to her home studio this season for the fourth year in a row. You can view her still-life artworks at her studio in Eagle Bay on Gladstone Drive.

Peter Scott - Afternoon Walk Boodjidup

Peter Scott

Artist of 40 years Peter Scott captures the ever-changing Southwest scenery in his impressionistic style, emphasising texture and directional strokes for dynamicity. Peter has won 35 prizes and awards in total and has featured in 26 joint exhibitions and 8 solo exhibits.

Peter returns this year for another season. If you love Southwest scenery, you can visit Peter’s Margaret River Studio of Fine Art just off Woodland Drive.

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