Online Winery Guide for Margaret River and Great Southern

Online Winery Guide for Margaret River and Great Southern

Last Updated: 27 Mar 2020
David Hogan

The state government just threw the WA wine industry a much-needed lifeline, allowing West Australians to order up to one case of wine per week.

Initially, WA wineries were restricted, along with bottle shops, to 3 bottles of wine per order. The WA Wine Assn is to be thanked for putting the industry’s best foot forward and the WA government for showing sense and exempting online sales direct with WA wineries.

It’s otherwise been a tough week for our friends in the wine and hospitality sectors coping with the ever-increasing restrictions on social distancing and public health. Most local winemakers are still completing their 2020 vintage and are increasingly worried as to whether a pending lockdown will prevent this from happening.

Cellar doors have been forced to close in the lead up to Easter, the busiest time of year. Their only lifeline is online sales, which is where you come in.

The last thing we need is our local wineries disappearing. If you are buying wine, do the industry a favour and buy it direct. Wineries are providing extraordinary deals and in many cases, free delivery. And remind your friends in the rest of Australia there are no restrictions on how many cases they order. For more:


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