Wavegarden: Aquatic Sport and Leisure Centre by MacDonald Jones Architects

Wavegarden: Aquatic Sport and Leisure Centre by MacDonald Jones Architects

Last Updated: 25 Aug 2014
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This exciting, cutting-edge facility proves McDonald Jones Architects enjoys pushing conceptual and architectural boundaries.

McDonald Jones Architects (MJA) is currently engaged in feasibility, master-planning and schematic design proposals aimed at delivering the first Wavegarden in Australia.

The Wavegarden is a man-made lagoon that uses patented Spanish technology to generate surfing waves up to two metres high, with rides up to 250m or 18 seconds long.

From beginners to aces, all levels of experience are catered for in the design of this ingenious creation, with three main surfing zones providing different-sized waves. The height and length of each one is equivalent to a high-quality ocean-based wave, with one being generated as frequently as every 30 seconds.

All ages and abilities will be catered for at Wavegarden, with the unique attraction offering a range of additional recreational activities including high ropes, skate course, climbing walls, beach volleyball, bouldering and open-water swimming. It will also offer hospitality and function centres, as well as high-performance and training centres.

A full-sized demonstration lagoon has been constructed at Wavegarden's research and development site in the Basque Region of Northern Spain, where fine tuning and testing of the wave generation system has resulted in perfectly formed tubing waves that peel for more than 220m without losing their power or their shape.

Professional surfers from all over the world, including Australia's own Mick Fanning and WA's Taj Burrow, have tested the Wavegarden facility and given it very positive reviews.


DEVELOPER | Wave Park Group
ARCHITECT | MJA (McDonald Jones Architects)
BRIEF | Develop a masterplan and built form that draws inspiration from the phenomenology of surfing and reflects the client's environmental and cultural ethos.
BUDGET | $15m
FEATURES | Surfing lagoon, hospitality venue and function centre, high-performance training centre, high ropes and skate courses.

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