Whale Watching in the Golden Outback

Whale Watching in the Golden Outback

Last Updated: 14 Sep 2018
Tian Sisak

Along the WA coast in late winter and spring, the Golden Outback is passes through during their annual migration. Take a drive along the Great Ocean Drive or walk the trail to a lookout and spot the whales.

From July to October, whales pass through the Recherche Archipelago.

Take a whale-watching tour that heads out from Esperance where you can mostly see the Humpbacks and southern lights in action.

For land-based sightings, hit the coast – there are several places to stop on the Great Ocean Drive, like Blue Haven Lookout and Rotary Lookout.

The lookout at Dolphin Cove in Cape Arid National Park is another spot. Drive or take a scenic walk via the Tagon Coastal Trail.

Locals recommend a drive out of Esperance to Thomas River to spot whales.

The beaches of Hopetoun are also great during whale-watching season. Try Four Mile Beach in Fitzgerald National Park or the picnic site near the Four Mile Campground.

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Image Source: Whales (Top) - Tourism WA; Fitzgeral River Whales - Parks and Wildlife WA Facebook; Whales in Esperance - Experience Esperance

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