Incredible ocean wildlife shots of beloved West Aussie animals

Last Updated: 08 Sep 2020
Kate Jones

With 10,000km of pristine coastline, it’s no surprise that our seas are home to an incredibly biodiverse marine life. And, if you are in the right place at the right time, you may be lucky enough to capture a snap of some of the unique creatures that inhabit our waters. The oceans have certainly provided endless inspiration for these wildlife photographers, who have kindly shared some of their top photos of WA ocean wildlife with us.


This breathtaking shot was captured by Lucas at Point Peron in Rockingham, right on our doorstep!

“This pod with a baby in tow was enjoying the shallows of the protected northern beach of the point. There was a family on their SUPs out at the time as well and the dolphins playfully swam around them.”


Jacqui snapped this friendly Yellow Clownfish at a dive spot called Blizzard Ridge in Lighthouse Bay, Exmouth.

Blizzard Ridge is so named from the masses of small fish that hang around at certain times of the year, to the point it’s like being in a blizzard trying to see through them!

“This particular fish was super quick and kept darting in and out of its anemone home. I was stoked to snap it actually facing me, let alone a full body shot. This was taken around 12-15 metres deep.”


Lewis was able to photograph this Manta Ray mating chain on the Ningaloo Reef, a magical experience only some are lucky enough to encounter while swimming with Mantas.

“They can spend up to a week twisting, turning and chasing each other like an underwater ballet in pursuit of a mate.”

“Coral Bay is lucky enough to have manta rays year-round, with tours running every day of the year!”


Alex met some friendly sea lions up in Jurien Bay, and captured a happy Manta ray up in Coral Bay.


Jake took this incredible shot while exploring the Ningaloo reef with some friends. To capture the abundance of fish, he took this half-in and half-out of the water shot.

“The conditions were absolutely perfect, so we went to do some photos at one of our favourite snorkelling sites famous for fish.”


Alexandra feels incredibly grateful to have captured this special moment during this years’ migration of Southern Right Whales.

“Wylie Bay has always one of my favourite beaches in Esperance. On the day I shot this photo, I had no idea we would find a mother and whale calve in the water! It was one of the most beautiful experiences of wildlife I’ve been lucky enough to have.”

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