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Last Updated: 08 Oct 2014
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Where’s the best place for a hangover feed in Perth? Most Maylands people reckon the best day-after eating spot is right on their front doorstep.

"Mrs S, definitely! They have really good coffee and cake. The barbecue pulled pork manwich is amazing. You have to get in early because they have a line after 10am. If you don't want to wait, there's also Chapels on Whatley and Sherbet. Whatley Crescent has heaps of breakfast options." Stephanie Brown, 28, fashion designer

T"I've just moved to Perth from Melbourne a month ago, but Mrs S is amazing. It reminds me of home. The staff and the food are awesome. They always hook me up with their relish." Ronnie Basa, 33, hospitality

"I go to Solomon's in Mt Lawley and get a fresh squeezed orange juice. Nice and simple." Polly Mirques, 32, kindergarten teacher
"I always head to Mondo's for the steak sandwich. It totally kills a hangover. They use great local organic produce. It's simple and really tasty." Dominique Chanovre, 30, teacher

"Rifo's Cafe in Maylands does a tapas breakfast. It's amazing. You know, poached eggs, Turkish toast, olives, cheese. Lots of salt, which is what you need the morning after. I drink a lemon, lime and bitters – we don't have them in Ireland, but they're wicked. I'd score Rifo's even higher than Mrs S. The choice is better, and the service, too. Plus, you don't have to queue." Lisa Dillon, 27, visual merchandiser

"I usually just go to the pub the day after a big night, but I sometimes head to No 4 Blake Street – they have the best Bloody Mary – or else the Mary Street Bakery for the fried chicken and pancakes. Or there's the classic: hash browns and a Diet Coke from John Street Cafe in Cott." Bonnie Christian, 24, journalist

"Patrick here doesn't drink, but I've been known to have a hangover or two. I love The Little Concept in Freo. They've got an awesome peanut butter hot chocolate. It's got crunchy bits in it. They've also got great bagels." Haylee Thomas, 26, snowboard instructor, and Patrick Ward, 30, snowboard trainer

"Toast in East Perth is my favourite. They have lots of types of bread and the view of the river is pretty nice. Once you're over your hangover you can kick back and people-watch." Andrew Jester, 27, marketing

"Hungry Jack's, all the way! I get the nuggets with the barbecue sauce. I always get a Fanta 'cos it's fizzy and cools me down." Chris Dweh, 22, father

"I get really specific hangover cravings. I live in Freo, so I usually go to The Wine Store + Kitchen in East Freo. They do an awesome jamon and cheese melt. It's rich and greasy and crunchy on the outside. You've gotta eat with a hair-of-the-dog beer. Sorted!" Meredith Bastian, 33, bar owner

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