Content Licensing

Localista makes it easy to add daily-updated content and world-leading functionality to your website, blogs and digital apps.

Content licensing is free. Using the Content Generator, it takes less than 1 minute to add a customised list or interactive map to your blog or page on your website.

For more advanced customisation and functionality, trail-building tools and multi-platform applications, consider a premium localista account.

Why localista?

Localista includes powerful tools for customising content and design, with advanced functionality delivering a world leading user-experience

Free Functionality

Superior user experience

Localista provides a seamless same-page experience, making it quick and easy for users to find, display, favourite and share content without having to leave the page. Searches are returned in 1 to 3 seconds and in-browser filtering is almost instantaneous.

Advanced public user tools

By logging in, localista provides users with the tools they need to easily create and share personalised lists, maps and trails, all of which is linked back to your website, building repeat and referral traffic.

Easy to use

The localista Code Generator makes it quick and easy for you to add content to web pages and blogs, providing your audience with a wide range of detailed content.

Dynamic updating

All content is updated in real-time, making it possible to easily maintain thousands of web pages and blogs. This way, you can implement large-scale multi-platform digital marketing campaigns without fear of content going out of date.


Content created on localista is immediately distributed through the localista network, already reaching websites attracting 1.5 million unique searches per year. By updating content on localista, you gain free access to traffic across the entire network.


Coming soon, real-time analytics and graphs will display on user-accounts, allowing users to track traffic and engagement of their listings versus paid listings.

Premium Functionality

Multi-platform application

The widget is mobile-optimised and can be added to an infinite network of web pages, blogs and touchscreens. This allows you to implement omnichannel marketing strategies and maintain a consistent and integrated customer experience.

Customisable content

Localista provides 100% control of content. Content can be customised based on a combination of location and listing-types and can be further controlled on the User Admin platform, making it possible to control the ranking of search-results and opt out individual listings. With more than 1,000 filters available, you can further customise content for an individual web page or blog.

Personalised lists, maps and trails

You can use existing listings or create your own to build personalised lists, maps and trails. These can be displayed as part of a drop down list, a guide to your recommendation for things to do and local trips and itineraries.

Customisable design

Multiple data-props can be turned on and off to customise design, colours, fonts and further customisation is possible using CSS. Coming soon, we will make multiple versions of each view (grid, list, maps, trails, full-view) available, as well as a build-your-own full-view version. The end result is content that looks native to your website.

Smart-link display

Smart-links make it possible to display multiple pre-filtered searches on a single page. For example, a page on Aboriginal cultural experiences can be created with multiple tabs, each displaying content for Aboriginal galleries, tours, attractions, events and Aboriginal-owned accommodation.

Membership management tools

Control of content and search ranking allows you to attract and retain members in two ways: (1) by providing members, sponsors and advertisers with priority search ranking; and (2) by opting-out non-members so they do not appear on your website.

Editing and approval permissions

Coming soon, localista will provide clients with the ability to edit and approve listings based on three metrics: user, region and listing-type. This allows industry experts to not only approve their own content, but also content created by a network of users.

Detailed analytics

Localista tracks every action taken by individual users on each website, providing a unique data-set for analysis. In addition to the standard listing-specific dashboard analytics, detailed network-wide analytics provide a unique insight into the behaviour and preferences of millions of users across the localista network.

White-labelled login

Coming soon, for enterprise-level websites, the login can be white-labelled and colour themed, allowing you to maintain brand consistency from the login and listing creation point, through to front-end display.

Free content licensing


  • Access to over 10,000 listings in 33 guides
  • Customise content with over 1,000 filters
  • Display personalised lists, maps & trails
  • Takes less than 1 minute to add content to a website or blog

Premium content licensing

Unlock advanced customisation and functionality, trail-building tools and multi-platform applications with a premium account.


  • No advertising
  • Full control over control displaying on your website
  • Membership management tools
  • Receive network-wide analytics reports
  • Customisable display with over 20 template options

Case Studies

Join a growing network of 30 websites and 600 blogs displaying localista content


Use detailed analytics to help guide social and content marketing strategy

Content Engagement Reports

Network Traffic Reports

Trend Analysis

User Experience

Powerful planning and trail building tools makes it easy for users to share your content through their social media networks


local events, lifestyle and travel guides


and save multiple lists & trails


points of interest from your searches


content and trails across popular media


trails from other websites and users


trails to mobile and Google Maps


your own lists & detailed itineraries


itineraries, maps and directions


Whether you are looking for free content to enhance your website or a fully customisable content marketing solution, localista can help


From $200/ Month

Ideal for small businesses wanting to enhance their websites and blogs with updated local content and maps.

Key features

  • R

    your choice of region and listing type

  • R

    unlimited access to content

  • R

    unlimited use on web pages and blogs

  • R

    access to custom-code generator

  • R

    online support

Pricing Details

  • $200 – unlimited views


From $990*/ Month

Perfect for local governments, visitor centres and organisations that need total control of content, customisable display and membership management.

localista-lite features, plus

  • R

    no advertising

  • R

    custom trail-building tools

  • R

    total control of website content

  • R

    control ranking of search results

  • R

    membership management tools

  • R

    display multiple pre-filtered content on a single page

  • R

    detailed website analytics

  • R

    phone and email support

Pricing Details

  • $990 – max 5,000 views p/m
  • $1,990 – max 10,000 views p/m


From $2,990*/ Month

The ultimate tool for local governments and community groups wanting a fully customised omni-channel content marketing solution.

localista-pro features, plus

  • R

    approve own and related listings

  • R

    network-wide analytics

  • R

    white-labelled login

  • R


  • R

    more customisation options

Pricing Details

  • $2,990 – max 20,000 views p/m
  • $3,990 – max 30,000 views p/m

*all quotes prices are ex-GST. First year licensing fees need to be paid 1 year in advance.