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What is localista?

localista is the largest arts, events, travel and lifestyle network in WA, sharing content from 8,700 contributors with websites visited by more than 5 million users per year.

In September 2020, the localista network recorded 161,239 searches and listings were opened 64,557 times. To add your listing, simply register, login and start adding listings.


Where your listing appears?

The localista webapp allows us to share our content (and your listing), interactive maps and trail building functionality with an infinite number of websites. The localista network is rapidly expanding and includes local government, visitor centres, media, small business and community websites. Examples include:


Listings types

The localista directory includes multiple listing types. For more information on which listing type is suitable for your listing, link to our style guide below.

Arts, Events, Lifestyle and Travel Directory

  • Events
  • Galleries & Public Art
  • Museums & Historical Sites
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Food Markets & Providores
  • Tours & Attractions
  • Accommodation
  • Wineries
  • Parks, Sites & Trails
  • Movies

Local Directory

  • Local Support Services
  • Social Clubs & Classes
  • Shopping
  • Travel Services
  • Spa, Hair & Beauty
  • Business Directory
  • Local Facilities

Functions & Venues Directory

  • Function Venues
  • Function Services
  • Caterers

Premium listings

Listings on the localista network are free. Premium Listings rank your listing ahead of all other listings, providing significantly increased exposure to users across multiple websites.

  • Event listings costs $250+gst per week
  • All other listings cost $1200+gst per year

Contact the localista team for more details.

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