Caving in Western Australia

Western Australia’s ancient landscape is honeycombed with caves and many of these complex and fragile karst systems are open to the public. Enter and be amazed by these massive labyrinths decorated intricately with limestone crystal formations.


Where To Go

North West

The rock art in the Kimberley is largely in shallow caves or rock shelters formed by erosion undercutting hard, resistant sandstone. The Kimberley Coastal camp offers guided tours of beautifully preserved Aboriginal rock art; including Gwion Gwion art and Wandjina art.

The Mimbi Caves

The Mimbi Caves can be found 90km east of Fitzroy Crossing. The unique network, part of the 350 million-year old-Devonian reef system, contains stunning limestone formations, freshwater pools and ancient rock-art galleries. Visitors can also enjoy traditional Billie Tea and damper on guided tours through this historic site.

Coral Coast

Stockyard Gully National Park

The adventurous can head for Stockyard Gully National Park (so named because the area was part of the Old North Stock Route). It’s accessible by 4WD, and visitors can take an unguided walk through the cave formations. The Pinnacles visitor centre can also help with directions.

Jewel Cave

Jewel Cave

People at the Mimbi Caves

The Mimbi Caves

Perth Surrounds

Crystal Cave

Only an hour’s drive from Perth, Yanchep National Park boasts over 600 naturally formed caves. Visitors will be enchanted by the ‘jewelled city’ that is Crystal Cave; a beautiful limestone cave full of stunning stalagmites and helictites.

For group bookings within the school holidays, ‘adventure caving’ is available, a great option for families.

Cabaret Cave

Another of Yanchep’s features is the Cabaret Cave, Perth’s only venue cave for hire. Originally used in the 1930s as a secret dinner and dance location for Perth’s rich and famous, it has been modified today to accommodate up to 200 guests with extraordinary acoustics and an ambient atmosphere.

Golden Outback

Mulka’s Cave

Not far from the iconic Wave Rock, Mulka’s Cave offers a notable collection of Aboriginal paintings which are believed to be at least 3,000 years old and associated with the legend of Mulka, an ancient character whose hand imprints can still be seen on the cave walls.

Cave Hill Nature Reserve

In the Goldfields region is the Cave Hill Nature Reserve that hosts a granite outcrop and a viewing platform. An excellent camping spot, the reserve is strictly 4WD access only, and is ideal for day or overnight trips.

Inside the Mimbi Caves

The Mimbi Caves

Caving Lake Cave

Lake Cave

South West

The Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge in the Margaret River region is dotted with over 150 limestone caves. Visitors can enjoy guided tours of Jewel and Lake caves, take the self-guided option at Mammoth cave, or take a journey by torchlight to explore deeper, hidden pathways.

Giants Cave

Adventurous visitors will delight at the vertical ladder climbs and gigantic chambers of Giants Cave, an 89m deep cave in the heart of the South West. Helmets and torches are provided prior to an adrenaline-fuelled descent that is sure to thrill.

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