Food & drink in Adelaide

Adelaide, South Australia, is a vibrant foodie capital with a diverse culinary scene. The city is home to a variety of restaurants offering unique dining experiences. From award-winning fine dining to cozy cafes, Adelaide has something for every palate.

Adelaide boasts several award-winning restaurants, making it a perfect destination for food enthusiasts. Restaurant Botanic, named Australia's Restaurant of the Year for 2023, is a must-visit for an exceptional fine dining experience. The city also offers other top-notch dining establishments such as Osteria Oggi, known for its underground cellar ambiance, and the iconic Parlamento, offering authentic Italian cuisine.

For those seeking diverse and unique culinary experiences, Adelaide does not disappoint. Visitors can explore a range of options, from African-inspired diners to European cafes. NIDO on King William Road offers a glamorous European bar and dining experience, while Singapore House, located just ten minutes from the city, is renowned for its delectable Asian fusion cuisine.

Adelaide is also home to a variety of mid-range restaurants and cozy eateries. Golden Boy, a contemporary Thai restaurant, and Mai Kitchen, known for its delectable Vietnamese cuisine, are perfect for those seeking a balance between quality and affordability.

In addition to the well-known establishments, Adelaide is dotted with local favorites and hidden gems. Visitors can explore the city's bustling bar scene and enjoy a glass of South Australian wine, craft beer, or cider to complement their dining experience.

The city's rich food culture and the abundance of high-quality local produce make it a must-visit destination for food lovers.

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