Berrara things to do

Berrara, a small village in New South Wales, has a range of attractions and activities for travelers seeking a coastal retreat. One of the main highlights is Berrara Beach, known for its good reef breaks and opportunities for swimming and surfing. The beach is flanked by two rock reefs near the villages of Cudmirrah and Berrara, providing a picturesque setting for leisurely strolls and water activities.

In addition to Berrara Beach, the area is home to other pristine beaches such as Kirby's and Mermaids Inlet, which are havens for wildlife enthusiasts. Visitors can also witness native kangaroos grazing along the shoreline, offering a unique encounter with Australia's iconic wildlife.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Berrara offers diverse coastal ecosystems to explore, including the iconic Berrara Creek Trail, which provides a firsthand look at the region's rich biodiversity. The area is also ideal for bushwalking, bird and wildlife watching, and water sports.