Things to do in Berrigan Region

Berrigan, a small country town in New South Wales, showcases its rich history and natural beauty. With a population of around 1000 residents, Berrigan features historic buildings like the post office, Federal Hotel, Memorial Hall, and St Aidan's Anglican Church. Visitors can also explore the Berrigan & District Heritage Museum and take a stroll along the Berrigan Heritage Walk to immerse themselves in the town's heritage.

Nature enthusiasts can visit "The Drop," a point of interest along the road from Berrigan to Barooga, where the Mulwala Canal crosses. This area is part of a water-flow control system, allowing water to divert from the Mulwala Canal into the Berrigan Channel. Additionally, the town offers the Blue Highways Gallery and Apex Park for a leisurely day outdoors.

In Berrigan, travelers can experience the charm of a bygone era while enjoying the town's peaceful surroundings. Whether it's exploring historical architecture, delving into heritage at the local museum, or simply appreciating the natural beauty, Berrigan offers a relaxing and enriching experience for visitors.

Berrigan Region

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