Things to do in Bourke Region

Bourke, New South Wales, offers a variety of unique experiences for visitors. The town has a rich history and vibrant community. One must-visit attraction is the Back O'Bourke Visitor Information & Exhibition Centre, which showcases the history of western NSW and Bourke. A Paddle Steamer Cruise along the renowned Darling River is highly recommended for a leisurely and scenic experience. The town also boasts the Mulgowan (Yapa) Aboriginal Rock Art Site and the Bourke Historic Wharf, both offering insights into the local indigenous culture and the town's historical significance. For those interested in history, the Bourke Historic Cemetery and the Old Crossley Engine are worth exploring. Visitors can also embark on Historic Dunlop Station Tours to learn about the area's pastoral industry and heritage. Nature enthusiasts should not miss the opportunity to visit Mount Oxley and Gundabooka National Park, where they can admire beautiful rock formations and indigenous heritage sites. Food enthusiasts can savor the local cuisine at the Wing Garden Chinese Restaurant and explore the vibrant local culture at Poet's Corner. Families traveling with children can enjoy a visit to the Central Park Playground for some recreational fun. These diverse attractions and activities make Bourke a compelling destination for travelers seeking a blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.

Bourke Region

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