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Canberra, the capital of Australia, is not only known for its history and culture but also for its rapidly growing food scene. The city offers a diverse range of restaurants, from fine dining to international-inspired chic diners and intimate boutiques. Here are some notable restaurants in Canberra and its surrounds:

  • Lilotang: Considered one of the best Japanese restaurants in Canberra, Lilotang serves dishes such as succulent braised Wagyu beef brisket on a bao bun and miso-glazed toothfish.

  • Vincent: Located in the leafy suburb of Barton, Vincent offers modern Australian cuisine in a stylish setting.

  • Monster Kitchen and Bar: This restaurant offers a fusion of Asian and Western flavors, creating a unique dining experience.

  • The Italian Place: As the name suggests, this restaurant serves Italian cuisine in a cozy setting.

  • XO: This restaurant offers a mix of Asian and modern Australian dishes, providing a diverse and flavorful menu.

  • Pilot: Located in Ainslie, Pilot is known for its attention to detail, from delicate interiors to locally sourced fresh ingredients and fantastic service. The restaurant offers an eight-course degustation menu in an intimate dining area.

  • Otis Dining Hall: This restaurant offers a contemporary dining experience with a focus on locally sourced ingredients.

  • The Boat House: Located on the edge of Lake Burley Griffin, The Boat House offers waterfront dining with a focus on fresh seafood.

  • Brunello: This restaurant offers a mix of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, with a focus on sharing plates.

  • Raku Dining: Located on Bunda Street, Raku Dining offers modern Japanese fare in a sleek and contemporary setting.

These are just a few examples of the many exceptional restaurants in Canberra and its surrounds.

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