Things to do in Captains Flat

Captains Flat, a quaint village in New South Wales, offers a variety of attractions and activities for travelers to explore. One notable site is the Captains Flat Heritage Walk, which takes visitors on a stroll around the village to discover its rich history and well-preserved historic buildings. These include the old hospital, former post office, and the Captains Flat Hotel, as well as the Lake George Mine entrance and the Miners’ Memorial. Additionally, the walk features the historic Police Station and Court House, Wilkins Park, and the town lookout, providing breathtaking views across the township and the old mining site.

For nature enthusiasts, the Tallaganda National Park is a must-visit, offering beautiful natural scenery and opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and wildlife observation. Moreover, the area around Captains Flat provides excellent views across the valley, with remnants of old mining equipment, making it a compelling destination for history and nature lovers alike.