Things to do in Collector

Collector, New South Wales, offers a variety of attractions and activities for visitors to explore. One of the must-visit places is the Lake George Winery, where travelers can savor the flavors of Collector's wine country while enjoying the picturesque surroundings. Wine enthusiasts can also indulge in a wine tasting experience at Collector Wines, further immersing themselves in the region's viticultural offerings.

History enthusiasts will find Gunning, a nearby charming town with a rich history, worth exploring. Gunning is known for its historic buildings, such as the Old Hume Cafe and the Gunning Court House, making it a great destination for those interested in delving into the area's heritage. The town of Collector itself boasts a rich history, with attractions like the grave/monument to Constable Samuel Nelson in the Church of England cemetery, offering insights into the town's historic significance.

For those interested in local events, the annual Pumpkin Festival is a unique and vibrant experience that showcases the community spirit and local produce of the region. Furthermore, the area's food and wine scene, coupled with its historical significance, provides a diverse range of experiences for travelers to enjoy. Whether it's savoring the local flavors, delving into history, or immersing in community celebrations, the town offers a unique and memorable travel experience.