Things to do in Depot Beach

Depot Beach in New South Wales is a popular destination for travelers due to its variety of attractions and activities. The main highlight is the stunning beach itself, which is part of the Murramarang National Park. Visitors can enjoy the clear water, abundant native wildlife, and swimming holes. The area also offers a short rainforest walk, providing a glimpse of the region's ancient ecology.

For nature enthusiasts, the Rock Platform walk near Depot Beach is a must-visit. This short walk leads to fascinating rock pools, offering excellent opportunities for birdwatching and boasting scenic ocean views of the South Coast.

Water activities are also popular in the area. Travelers can explore the nearby Pebbly Beach, known for its accessible walkway, viewing platform, and amenities. The location is ideal for swimming, stand-up paddling, and canoeing, making it a great option for families and water sports enthusiasts.

In addition to natural attractions, Depot Beach also offers a range of recreational options. There is a shopping complex, dining venues, and the nearby Clyde View Holiday Park, which provides a pleasant spot for a short stopover.