Food & drink in Fyshwick

Fyshwick in the Australian Capital Territory has a wide range of dining options to cater to various tastes. Pellegrino's is a popular choice, known for its great coffee and delicious Australian cuisine, while Benny's Burgers offers Australian-style burgers that are a must-try. ONA Coffee House is a fantastic spot for coffee lovers, with a selection of high-quality blends. For a unique culinary experience, Salters at Dirty Janes Canberra stands out, while Melted Toasted Sandwich Emporium offers a cozy and casual dining experience. Three Mills Bakery is a great choice for freshly baked goods, and the Vietnamese Bakery & Cafe offers authentic Vietnamese cuisine. These establishments showcase the diverse and vibrant dining scene in Fyshwick, making it an appealing destination for food enthusiasts.

Food & Drink

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