Things to do in Gunderbooka

When visiting Gunderbooka, New South Wales, a must-see attraction is the Gundabooka National Park and State Conservation Area. Here, you can witness the imposing Mount Gunderbooka, explore ancient Aboriginal rock art along the Mulgowan (Yappa) Aboriginal Art Site walking track, and capture the stunning landscape through photography. The park offers camping facilities, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the outback and observe a diverse range of birdlife along its walking tracks.

In addition to the national park, other notable activities in the area include visiting the Back O'Bourke Visitor Information & Exhibition Centre, exploring the Bourke Historic Wharf, and experiencing the Mulgowan (Yapa) Aboriginal Rock Art Site, which offers a unique glimpse into the region's rich indigenous heritage.

For a relaxing experience, the Bennetts Gorge Picnic Area, nestled on the western side of Mount Gunderbooka, provides an ideal setting for a leisurely picnic lunch, just 50 kilometers away from Bourke.

These attractions and activities offer a diverse and enriching experience for travelers exploring the Gunderbooka region of New South Wales.