Distilleries in Greater Hobart

Hobart, the charming capital of Tasmania, boasts a thriving distillery scene that combines traditional techniques with innovative approaches to create exceptional spirits. These establishments showcase the region's commitment to quality and authenticity, offering tourists an opportunity to savor a wide array of libations amidst breathtaking landscapes. Notable distilleries in the Hobart region include:

Lark Distillery, established in 1992, is the first Australian distillery to produce single-malt whisky in over 150 years. It stands as one of the leading whisky producers in the country, providing a diverse selection of whiskies across multiple locations in southern Tasmania.

Sullivans Cove Distillery, founded in 1994, is the oldest commercial whisky distillery in Tasmania and has gained international recognition for its exceptional spirits. Visitors can enjoy tours and tastings, immersing themselves in the rich history and tradition of this esteemed establishment.

McHenry Distillery, located in Port Arthur on the Tasman Peninsula, is Australia's southernmost whisky distillery. This family-run business creates remarkable whiskies using its own pure spring water, offering guests tastings, guided tours, and hilltop eco cabins for a unique experience.

Nonesuch Distillery, situated just 15 minutes from Hobart Airport, crafts premium distilled spirits and liqueurs with meticulous attention to detail. Visitors can engage in a sensory journey and learn more about the distillery's unique flavor profiles.

Hartshorn Distillery & Grandvewe Cheeses combine spirits and cheese, offering vodkas and gins made from sheep whey alongside organic sheep cheeses. This distillery provides a distinctive experience for guests interested in exploring the versatile applications of sheep milk.

These distilleries exemplify the innovation and excellence of Hobart's vibrant distillery scene, reflecting the distinct character and charm of Tasmania. Incorporating these establishments into your travel plans not only supports local businesses but also provides access to an extraordinary collection of spirits.