Things to do in Liverpool Region

The Fairfield region in New South Wales offers a diverse range of activities for visitors. Nature enthusiasts can enjoy walking, hiking, or biking through the rolling hills and grasslands of Rush Ranch, the oak woodlands of Rockville Hills Regional Park, and the rustic and tranquil Suisun Valley and Green Valley, which are home to more than two dozen grape growers with their own tasting rooms. Wine lovers can explore the thriving wine country, where acres of grapevines grow amid a backdrop of lush, rolling hills and blue skies, and savor the delectable wines in the quiet back roads of the region.

For those interested in cultural and historical experiences, the region boasts notable museums such as The Glass House in New Canaan, the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, and the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum in Norwalk. Outdoor attractions include the historic lighthouse and nature preserve on Sheffield Island, the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, and the Stamford Museum and Nature Center. Additionally, the region offers a dynamic Audubon Society, nature centers, and attractions for children and animal lovers, including the Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport.

Furthermore, the coastal Fairfield region serves as the gateway to the area from New York and its neighbors, offering upscale shopping, hip seaside dining, and a mix of dining, shopping, and nightlife in the South Norwalk neighborhood. The region's cool museums, mansions, and hip seaside dining make it an attractive destination for a variety of interests.