Things to do in Nannup Region

Nannup has to be the most chilled town in Western Australia. It is barely even a town, more of a loose collection of buildings spread amongst the forest. With shopfront verandahs, weatherboard facades and a chilled vibe, Nannup has plenty of similarities to an old school version of Margaret River, and was even used to portray Margs in the 70s for the surfer movie Drift.

On Warren Road – the main drag – you'll find cafes, craft shops and the bakery. There's plenty of accommodation, including self-contained cottages, cosy B&Bs (great for winter) and a handful of bush retreats. If you're short on reading material, head to the Book Nook where you can borrow books for free (you can also leave any unwanted books here).

Nannup prides itself on its gardening abilities, with tulips, roses and various other flowers adorning the surrounds throughout the year; the annual Nannup Flower and Garden Show in August is popular.

Aside from the colourful blooms, there's loads more for outdoorsy folk with the Munda Biddi Trail running right through the town. Nearby are the Old Timberline Trail, Kondil Park trails, the Karri Gully Walk Trail and River Walk Trail. St John Brook Conservation Park is also a great spot, and there are camping and picnic facilities, toilets and barbecues.

If you are looking to swim, Workman's and Barrabup pools are great in summer. Both are located in the St John Brook Conservation Park, 7km out of town. For a cheeky skinny dip, you can head to Cambray Pool (also known as Cambray Siding). Although it's not 'officially' a clothing-optional spot, that hasn't stopped regular nude bathers over the years. Like all waterholes around these parts, take care when entering and exiting the water.

Be sure to stop at the supposedly haunted old bakery at night. Locals swear they've heard the sound of a cash register ringing, pots and pans banging, and even the smell of bread baking. Spooky!