Museums in North Coast

When visiting the North Coast of New South Wales, there are several museums worth exploring. Some of the notable museums in the region include: Gilgandra Museum, which showcases the history and culture of the Gilgandra region. Gulgong Holtermann Museum, located in Gulgong, celebrates the town's rich gold mining history and features a unique collection of Holtermann images. The Eden Killer Whale Museum in Eden highlights the region's fascinating whaling history and the significance of killer whales in the local Indigenous culture. The Holbrook Submarine Museum in Holbrook explores the history of submarines and their role in the defense of Australia. The Bradman Museum, located in Bowral, is dedicated to the legendary cricketer Sir Donald Bradman and celebrates the rich history of the sport in Australia. Yarrila Arts and Museum, situated in Coffs Harbour, offers a permanent exhibition that explores the history and identity of the Coffs Coast through artworks and stories, as well as dynamic rotating exhibitions encompassing art, social history, and natural history.

These museums provide a fascinating insight into the diverse history, culture, and natural heritage of the North Coast region of New South Wales.

North Coast

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