Museums in Perth & Surrounds

Perth and its surroundings offer a range of museums and galleries that highlight the history, culture, and natural beauty of Western Australia. In Perth and its surrounds, visitors can explore various must-visit museums:

The Art Gallery of Western Australia, located in the city center, showcases the iconic State Art Collection with over 18,000 works spanning from the 1800s to contemporary pieces, including Aboriginal art and twentieth-century sculptures.

WA Museum Boola Bardip, meaning "many stories" in the Noongar language, shares Western Australia's unique cultural heritage as part of the Western Australian Museum, which has six main sites across the state.

The Western Australian Maritime Museum in Fremantle focuses on the state's maritime history, displaying handcrafted vessels and exploring its relationship with the ocean.

Fremantle Prison, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site, offers tours delving into its chilling history and stories of infamous inmates.

Scitech is an interactive science museum that promotes curiosity and interest in STEM subjects through hands-on shows and exhibits.

The Nostalgia Box is a museum dedicated to video game history, providing a nostalgic journey for gaming enthusiasts.

The Academy of Taxidermy and Museum of Natural History combines taxidermy and natural history, featuring a diverse collection of specimens and curiosities.

Perth Zoo, spanning over 17 hectares in South Perth, offers a blend of a zoo and botanical garden, housing a variety of animals and plants. These museums cater to diverse interests, from art and culture to history and science, ensuring a fulfilling experience for visitors in Perth and its surrounds.

Perth & Surrounds

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