Distilleries in Auckland Region

The Auckland region in New Zealand is home to several notable distilleries producing high-quality spirits using local ingredients and traditional methods. Among them are the Waiheke Distilling Co., known for its classic dry gin infused with dried NZ giant kelp and cardamom, and the Island Gin distillery, which creates small-batch gins with manuka and bush island honey as key notes. Another standout is 1919 Distilling, an East Tamaki-based craft gin distillery that incorporates organic lemons, oranges, Otago cherries, and sustainably sourced manuka honey into its products.

For those seeking unique flavors, Thomson Whisky offers a range of botanical-style craft gins and whisky and spice aftershave, while Scapegrace Distillery has gained recognition for its premium dry gin and naturally black gin. Additionally, Batch10 Spirits focuses on small-batch spirits created using the finest local ingredients, and CarbonSix Distillery uses organic ingredients sourced from local vendors to produce naturally-infused beverages. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and tradition, these Auckland distilleries continue to attract visitors and locals alike, offering exceptional experiences for discerning spirit enthusiasts.