Grill Academy Experiences - The Original By Weber

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142-144 Fullarton Road, Adelaide, SA 5067
(08) 8425 9499


Welcome to the Weber Grill Academy!

Set against the stunning backdrop of Adelaide's parklands and city skyline, we offer the perfect opportunity to take your BBQ skills to the next level. Our classes are open to everyone, from locals to tourists and we source all our produce from local suppliers. Just five minutes from the city centre and 30 minutes from the airport, our Academy is the perfect place to learn the Weber way of cooking up a delicious feast of South Australian flavours. For larger groups or tours, bookings can be made through your travel agent. We also provide tailored packages for international groups, taking into account their language, dietary and religious requirements. So come join us at the Weber Grill Academy and get ready to fire up some delicious food!


Tours: Cooking

Tour Duration: Single Day Trips


142-144 Fullarton Road, Adelaide, SA 5067

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