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Unincorporated ACT, 177 Rokeby Rd, Bonner, ACT 2914
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Bonner is a suburb in the district of Gungahlin in Canberra in Australia.

Bonner is a suburb in the district of Gungahlin in Canberra in Australia.The suburb is named in memory after Senator Neville Bonner, Australia's first Indigenous parliamentarian who served the people of Queensland during the years 1971-1984. The suburb is bounded by Horse Park Drive, Mulligans Flat Road, and Roden Cutler Drive and is approximately 4 km (2.5 mi) from the Gungahlin Town Centre and 16 km (9.9 mi) from the centre of Canberra. It is adjacent to the suburbs of Jacka, Amaroo and Forde. Settlement of the suburb began in 2010 and it had an estimated population of 6,730at the 2016 census.


Bonner is situated on the former paddocks of "Horse Park", a sheep property established in 1853 by Irish immigrants John and Ann Gillespie. From these humble beginnings, the Gillespies increased their pastoral holdings through the judicious acquisitions of neighbouring properties such as "Elm Grove" (situated in present-day Forde).

Their son James Gillespie was instrumental in establishing the Mulligans Flat Public School. The remnants of the school are located in the nearby Mulligans Flat Reserve. Gillespie was a regularly contributor to the Goulburn Evening Penny Post under the pseudonym "The Wizard". "Horse Park" homestead which has been nominated for the ACT Heritage Register is situated a kilometre west in the suburb of Jacka.

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Type: Suburbs

Population: 1,001 - 10,000

Time zone: UTC +11:00

Area: 2.756 km2

Elevation: 501 to 1000 metres

Town elevation: 652 m

Population number: 6,730

Local Government Area: Unincorporated ACT


Unincorporated ACT, 177 Rokeby Rd, Bonner, ACT 2914

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