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246 Hartley Street, Bungalow, QLD 4870
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Coral Expeditions has been taking small groups of explorers on unforgettable journeys to remote destinations for over 40 years.

Our fleet of small ships sail under the Australian flag, offering the highest standards of safety, comfort and hospitality. With Australian and New Zealand crew, you will feel right at home on board. Our extended time ashore allows you to truly connect with the people and places we visit, and experience authentic encounters with nature. Our vessels provide the flexibility to go places inaccessible to larger ships, with minimal impact on the environment. Our expeditions are centered around immersive experiences, respect for cultures and connecting with local communities. Let us bring you closer to nature, culture and history through the spirit of discovery and shared knowledge.

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Tours: Boat Tour

Tour Duration: Single Day Trips


246 Hartley Street, Bungalow, QLD 4870

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