Bad Fishy Jet Boating


The Marlin Marina, Cairns City, QLD 4870
+61 499 490 030


Are you ready for the wildest ride of your life?

Then come take a spin on the "Tropical Twist" ride on The Trinity Inlet in Cairns! Bad Fishy's 35 minute thrill ride will have you spinning, sliding and speeding around the inlet with the sights of Cairns in the background. Get ready to get wet and have a blast as you explore the stunning Trinity Inlet with the help of your local skipper. With the music pumping and your adrenaline flowing, you won't want to miss this one-of-a-kind adventure!

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Tours: Speed Boating

Tour Duration: Single Day Trips

Suited For: Families


The Marlin Marina, Cairns City, QLD 4870

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