Fraser Island Whale Watch Cruise


Kingfisher Bay Resort, Fraser Island, QLD 4581
1800 372 737


Discover the incredible wildlife of Hervey Bay Marine Park and get up close and personal with majestic humpback whales on a K'gari Whale Watch Cruise.

During the months of August to October, over 1,500 whales come to the area to rest, play and nurture their calves, so don't miss the opportunity to witness these gentle giants in action! From witnessing a spectacular breach to seeing them wave their pec fins or splash their tail flukes, you'll be in awe of the incredible display of nature. Quick Cat II provides daily whale watching cruises, with experienced skippers to provide commentary and ensure your safety. Plus, they have adopted COVID-Safe best practices and are fully compliant with all Queensland Health guidelines, so you can have peace of mind while enjoying the incredible experience.

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Tours: Islands, Whale Watching

Tour Duration: Single Day Trips


Kingfisher Bay Resort, Fraser Island, QLD 4581

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