Aitkens Australia In The Round

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5 Wascoe St, Glenbrook, NSW 2773


The Glenbrook Experience is fast becoming one of Australia's biggest tourist attractions.

Aitken’s Australia in the round is a beautifully constructed panorama featuring all of Australia’s major sights and attractions. This unique work of art is six and half meters high and twenty meters in diameter, showcasing over two hundred square meters of fine art painting.

Each scene has been uniquely crafted to link the three dimensional foreground objects seamlessly to the scenic background.

Posing in front of these masterpieces actually makes the person look like they are really there, allowing for some beautiful and unique souvenir pictures

Over 150 examples of native wildlife fauna feature in our custom-designed landscape, complementing the picturesque images of the panorama. From Uluru to Sydney Harbour, the panorama showcases some of the best sites Australia has to offer.

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5 Wascoe St, Glenbrook, NSW 2773

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