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Unincorporated ACT, 177 Rokeby Rd, Mitchell, ACT 2911
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Mitchell is a light-industrial estate of Canberra, Australia in the district of Gungahlin.

Mitchell. In fact, these facilities are located in the neighbouring suburb of Lyneham.

Mitchell is one of the two areas in Canberra where brothels may legally operate, along with Fyshwick. Mitchell also has other adult entertainment industry shops and one strip club..


A major fire at a chemical factory on Dacre Street early in the morning of 16 September 2011 saw a 10 kilometer exclusion zone put in place around the suburb. Residents in parts of Gungahlin, Belconnen and North Canberra were told to remain inside with windows their closed and schools inside the zone closed for the day. Around 100 people and 50 horses were evacuated from an event at nearby EPIC due to toxic smoke.Mitchell was selected as the site for the first Canberra light rail depot, with construction beginning in 2016. The facility opened in March 2019, including maintenance facilities and the network operations centre. Despite this, a passenger stop in Mitchell was not constructed as part of stage one of the project. Following lobbying efforts by local businesses and the community, the ACT Government announced funding in 2018 for a stop to be constructed at a future stage.

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Type: Suburbs

Population: 1 - 100

Time zone: UTC +11:00

Area: 3.402 km2

Elevation: 501 to 1000 metres

Town elevation: 591 m

Population number: 6

Local Government Area: Unincorporated ACT


Unincorporated ACT, 177 Rokeby Rd, Mitchell, ACT 2911

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